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Like a lot of professional musicians, teaching is not only an integral part of my career but also a greatly rewarding experience for me. I have taught privately for nearly a decade and I teach double bass, bass guitar, guitar, piano and music theory. I have a PGCE in secondary music teaching from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2013, though I am no longer involved in classroom teaching. 

I've worked with a diverse range of students of different ages and abilities and I'm used to making my lessons fit their specific needs. I am always eager to relate music lessons to performance and encourage my students to get involved in making music as much as possible.

Because of my wide professional experience performing music, I aim to develop the different skills required of professionals within my lessons. Therefore I encourage my students to develop the skills to read music, play by ear, develop their knowledge of theory, build instrumental technique and expand their rhythmic awareness.


All these skills are developed in a holistic environment by a qualified music teacher who is also a professional performing musician. I try to encourage students to have an open mind so that they can explore a wide range of musical cultures and traditions and take an active role in developing their own musical knowledge. 

I currently teach guitar at a number of primary schools across Leicestershire as well as teaching privately in my own home. If you're interested in lessons please don't hesitate to contact me (see the contact page) 

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