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Disquiet Debut Album coming 2020!

I have just added some long overdue major updates to the website, but most significantly I have posted images and put together a new band page for Disquiet. For those who don't know, Disquiet is the band in which I perform my original compositions, and I'm pleased to say that our debut album was recorded on the 29-30th of August 2019. There's quite a few stages along the way towards the completed product, but it's a significant milestone and I'm really pleased with the work we did as a band. Massive credit to Ronan, Rob, Jacky and Rod for their efforts in the studio and to Ben Lamdin who engineered the recording at the Fish Factory studio. The superb pictures of us in the studio were taken by Kulvir Bhambra. I'm looking forward to sharing the music in the near future with an album release tour, so sit tight!

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