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Reposting from November, with a few updates:

Apologies for the inevitable delay in getting things going again on this website, as after an initial burst of activity, plenty of other distractions have presented themselves in the intervening months.

However, as hinted at in my previous blog post, I have some interesting projects in 2017 that I need to promote so I have resurrected the website and got to work on making it a bit more up to date.

February 2017 sees the first Disquiet gigs in over 12 months. While the project has been laying dormant, I have had time to write some more music and rehearsals will soon be underway for our exciting collaboration with Derby's premier vibes player Corey Mwamba. We'll be performing in Leicester on the 2nd of February, at Attenborough Arts and in Derby on the 3rd, at The Cube.

To my great relief, after a few false starts with double booked drummers, I can confirm that the drummer for both dates will be the fantastic Rod Oughton. On the saxophones will be stalwarts Rob Griffin (where's your website Rob?) and Tom Barford!

I look forward to seeing some familiar (and some new I hope) faces at the gigs and hopefully there will be some more dates in the pipeline.

Also on the horizon is a mini-tour with my good friend the fabulous vocalist Mellow Baku, alongside Rachael Johnson on piano and Joel Barford (a gifted family!) on the drums. We're performing at Worksop, Southwell and West Bridgford libraries (shh!) at 7.30pm on the 14th, 15th and 16th of February. Looking forward to this one as we have the chance to get stuck into the repertoire a bit more than the usual one-off gigs.

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